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Jessie Tucker and Holly Christmas flew to Christchurch for the Dental Expo South this week- an industry expo showing all the latest technologies and equipment, with various speakers providing continuing education. A stand out topic today was with Professor Anita Nolan regarding oral cancers. Oral Cancer is the fourth most common malignancy in New Zealand with on average 350 cases and 130 deaths per year.

Professor Nolan covered the various risk factors including smoking, alcohol, betel nut chewing, radiation, previous oral cancer, nutrition, sunlight, viruses especially HPV, poor oral hygiene, socio-economic deprivation, medications, immuno-suppression, marijuana and trauma. Some cancers are preceeded by clinically obvious malignant disorders and changes in your oral mucosa ...

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Dental Modular Certificate Level 4 (CPR and Resuscitation)

All the staff enjoyed our biannual refresher course for Level 4 CPR... We were closed on Monday 1st May until 2.30pm for this staff training.

It is a skill we hope we never have to use, but practice makes perfect and if we have a cardiac event, anaphylaxis, or other medical emergency it's good to know we are prepared! The team at Emcare took us through our paces with the CPR refresher and a number of real life senarios- inclulding a severe angina attack, anaphylactic reaction, asthma attack with a patient who attended their appointment straight from hockey practice and even a drowning victim who was bought into the practice following an ...

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Assessment and Maintenance of the Periodontal Patient

Lia, Jessie, and Holly attended Dr Micheal Smith's presentation "Assessment and Maintenance of the Periodontal Patient" on Friday night. It was a great evening lecture covering when to refer a periodontal patient to a specialist and case selection relating to dental implants. It was great to hear that some of the key health factors such as gum disease and diabetes don't necessarily mean that a patient can't opt for an implant to be placed- as usual it comes back to disease stabilisation and active maintenance with a periodontist/dentist/hygienist to mitigate the risks these diseases present to implant placement.

Take home message for patients- Gingival bleeding equals active disease.... If you have ...

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.